Attention business owners – you know just how important first impressions are to new customers (and keeping those existing ones). That means that it’s integral to keep your exteriors looking as clean and as fresh as new so you can keep those profit margins rolling!


There’s nothing more unseemly than the ugly orange stains of rust that can build up on your surfaces; those unfortunate orange blots can leave customers running for the hills (and your competitors). To get rid of those orange stains, bring in the professionals from Tsunami Wash and leave your exterior looking brand new!


Rust is a simple buildup that happens when iron and moisture combine; you’ll see it come from irrigation systems, fertilizer, battery acid, lawn furniture, and much more. These rust stains are stubborn and extremely visible – making them one of the most annoying property issues.

To tackle rust, the Tsunami team employs a three-step process:

  • Extraction. Our cleaning products address the entire rust issue – penetrating deep to go beyond the subsurface discoloration.
  • Breakdown. Our products break down the rust buildup to help the stains free themselves from the affected area.
  • Prevention. We offer essential recommendations to help you avoid future rust problems.

Ready to get started with the Tsunami Wash rust removal services? We proudly serve Thomasville, Bainbridge, Moultrie, Valdosta, and surrounding areas in Georgia. Visit our website at to view our services, get a free estimate, and start on the path to removing those ugly orange stains from your property!