If there’s one thing we’ve learned while providing professional house washing services to homeowners in Thomasville, GA, and surrounding areas, it’s that Georgians are proud to show off a beautiful, clean home! And at Tsunami Wash LLC, our team takes great pride in being the crew that helps ensure your homes always look their best!


A clean home, both inside and out, makes a great first impression. But amazing curb appeal isn’t the only reason you should have a house washing service performed by professionals. Eliminating dirt, grime, pollen, mold, mildew, and other contaminants is a job that needs to be performed by experienced technicians using powerful cleaning solutions, and, most importantly, low-pressure washing equipment.


Why is Low-Pressure Washing Better?

Most rental pressure washing machinery is high pressure. This is bad for your home, as the high pressure could damage some building materials or force water into the walls of your home. This could lead to the growth of mold or costly repairs.


At Tsunami Wash our trained, licensed, and certified technicians use low-pressure washing equipment which provides a more efficient clean without the risk of damage. Our team also has the experience to know just the right pressure to use on different building materials.


When you put your trust in Tsunami Wash, you can feel secure that you’re making an investment in both curb appeal and property value. And, you’re setting your exterior up for success from every vantage point.