Our clients felt like they were living in the dark. They had a beautiful home laden with windows – but the natural light just wasn’t making it into their interior. They needed help (and they needed more light!).

The Problem: Dirty Windows

Our clients had a classic case of dirty windows. This issue is a sneaky one, too; you often don’t realize just how dirty your panes were until after you’ve had a window cleaning service. In this case, seasons of dirt, pollen, dust, and other debris had created a film over every pane. It was an eyesore – but it was also acting as a screen that was preventing sunlight from entering the home.

The Solution: Professional Window Cleaning

We were looking at windows that hadn’t been washed in quite some time, and they needed a serious deep clean. So, we turned to our water-fed pole window cleaning solution to get the job done. This utilized:

  • Purified water that wouldn’t leave mineral deposits post-service
  • Unlimited accessibility that could clean up to three stories of windows
  • Innovative technology that delivered second-to-none cleaning power

After our window cleaning service, our clients remarked that they found themselves turning on the light switchless. Instead of artificial light, they could enjoy sunlight in their home once more – and the result was transformative.