roof cleaning thomasville ga

There was a lot to love about our client’s property. The house was beautiful, the landscaping was thoughtfully designed, and the details made it a special place to call home.

There was just one glaring problem: their roof was a complete eyesore.

The Issue: Black Streaks

Our client was dealing with a serious issue of “black streaks.” This occurs in roofing when Gloeocapsa Magma, a type of bacteria that eats at the composite in shingles, takes hold. This triggers a few issues:

  • Roof Quality
  • The client’s roof was seriously compromised. The more Gloeocapsa Magma spreads, the more it degrades roof quality – and the result can be costly.
  • Insurance Compliance
  • Most policies require that you maintain your roofing. Breaking compliance can result in a fine or even a canceled insurance policy. 
  • Curb Appeal
  • The simplest issue? The dirty roof was creating a massive eyesore on our client’s property, and they were sick of it.

The Solution: Soft Washing

We saw a roof in need – and we had just the solution for it. Using our soft washing service, we were able to safely clean the roof from every angle. Our cleaning technology removed the existing buildup, while our cleaning products killed spore growth to prevent a future issue. The result? Our client’s roof was spotless. And it was ready to last.

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