Some clients tackle a heap of home improvement projects every year. Then, there are the select few who wait until their exterior is begging for a home improvement project.

This client didn’t fit into either category. They were dedicated to their property’s beautiful aesthetic – and it showed.

But there was just one sneaky problem. Their car was working against all that hard-earned curb appeal.

The Problem: A Leaky Vehicle

Our client owned a beautiful, historic vehicle. It was their pride and joy – and it was a statement in the community. But that car came with a few drawbacks. The most notable? It was wreaking havoc on their driveway.

Vehicle stains are one of the most common issues that any vehicle faces. It’s a problem that can sneak up on you and – especially if your vehicle isn’t driven that often – you can sometimes go for weeks without realizing that leaks are taking a toll on your driveway.

So, our client got a nasty shock when they took their vehicle out one day. When they returned, they found that coolant had made its mark on their driveway – and the result was ugly.

The Solution: A Powerful Cleaning Solution

We know what a toll a dirty driveway can take on the rest of your property. And we have the tools to ensure that that eyesore doesn’t make a negative impact for the long haul.

It all comes down to pressure washing technology. Our team uses advanced equipment that is specially designed to bring out the best in your hardscapes. And it achieves this through:

  • Deep penetrating cleaning detergents that can break down everything from dirt to coolant stains
  • Powerful pressure washing equipment that can deliver the true “deep clean” your property needs to look its best
  • Dedicated professionals who have the on-the-ground experience to turn your problem into a solution

Our clients didn’t need to compromise their hard-earned curb appeal for the sake of an unfortunate leak. And our team was there to ensure that their concrete surfaces would shine long after they brought their vehicle back from the mechanic!