Your House Washing Experts

When you put your trust in Tsunami Wash and their house washing services, you can feel secure that you’re making an investment in curb appeal. You’re making an investment in property value. And you’re setting your exterior up for success from every vantage point. Learn more about how our soft washing solution can benefit your home - and take action to get a first impression that is built to last - with the help of our experts!

Where Soft Washing Succeeds

We prioritize a low-pressure washing approach to clean your home. Soft washing creates unbeatable curb appeal - without putting your home at risk from exposure to strong pressures. This approach delivers the superior quality your siding deserves, sans the excessive pressure that comes with traditional power washing. We safely apply soft washing to the following exteriors:


  • Vinyl
  • composite
  • wood
  • aluminum
  • stucco
  • brick
  • stone



Curb appeal is always in strong supply when you have Tsunami Wash on your side! Our house washing services tap into the best soft washing technology to make your investment shine - from your foundation to the roofline.

This dynamic house washing approach is formulated to deliver a tailored clean to your property. It allows us to wash your exterior with precision and attention to detail - and your curb appeal and long-term property value both benefit.


Our dynamic cleaning products are specially formulated to tackle all the types of buildup that settle on your exterior. The result? Complete service - and results to match!

Make Curb Appeal Count

We love seeing a client’s expression after they see their home post-soft washing service. The result is often completely transformational - and it benefits your property as a whole. Through our professional service, we:

  • cropped-imageedit_1_3003436088-1

    Removes strains

    from dirt, dust, pollen, and contaminants

  • cropped-imageedit_1_3003436088-1

    Kill mold, algae, and moss

    so your protection has staying power

  • cropped-imageedit_1_3003436088-1

    Make your exterior shine

    with a clean, crisp, and inviting aesthetic

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