It is fast-approaching Christmas and New Year once again! We wish all our dedicated customers happy holidays. More importantly, we would like to thank each person for their ongoing support. Your trust and faith in us keep the Tsunami Wash team focused on providing unmatched service standards as we continuously improve our comprehensive cleaning solutions. 

If you have not scheduled a thorough cleaning session for your precious property, now’s a great time to do so! With Tsunami Wash, you can expect a spotless curb appeal guaranteed to wow your holiday guests. 

Pristine Roofs 

Roofs are significant components of your home, and it’s where you hang those stunning Christmas decorations. Poorly maintained roofs compromise the overall appearance of your home, even if the rest of the building looks flawless. 

Tsunami Wash’s advanced soft washing solutions eliminate blemishes and stubborn pollutants, like mold and algae, from your roof surfaces with ease. You will have the perfect backdrop for your Christmas light-ups and a polished aesthetic that lasts beyond the holidays. 

Clean Concrete 

Your concrete walkways create the first impression for your visitors. Therefore, it might be a great idea to keep your hardscape clean and safe with specialized pressure washing technology. The experienced Tsunami Wash team takes care of every spot and uses biodegradable solutions that remove stains without harming the environment. 

With professional concrete cleaning, your visitors will feel the holiday cheer as they pull up by your front door. 

Get Ready for the House Party

Tsunami Wash is a name you can trust to provide your home’s exterior with a thorough scrub down to achieve a superior shine. Our seasoned technicians have the tools and expertise to offer the deepest clean for a wide array of materials, including brick, stucco, and composite structures. 

When in doubt about your holiday property washing preparations, simply reach out to one of our team members for a free estimate. We look forward to fulfilling all your cleaning goals this holiday season and for many more to come!