Family BBQs, pool parties, cocktails in the backyard — summer is the perfect season to show your home in all its glory. The problem is that dust, dirt, mildew, algae, and pollutants can leave your home in Tallahassee, FL, and Thomasville, GA areas, looking a little worse for wear. Stubborn stains on your property’s exterior can decrease curb appeal and detract from the beautiful features of your home. It’s time to get your house in shape for the summer months!

How Soft Washing Makes Your Home Summer-Ready

If you plan on hosting any events in your home this summer, house washing can remove unsightly stains on exterior surfaces and leave your property looking as good as new. Soft washing, one of the most effective cleaning methods, removes blots and blemishes from surfaces with a low-pressure water spray and safe chemical solution. As a result, you can improve your home’s appearance without damaging windows, doors, siding, or landscaping.

Why Choose Tsunami Wash This Summer?

Tsunami Wash can get your house summer-ready with its superior soft washing service that removes stains from containments, kills mildew and algae, and makes your exterior shine. We always use dynamic cleaning products to eliminate the buildup of grime that settles on your home, typically during the winter months. 

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