We’ve officially hit springtime – and with it comes all the things we love about the season. But while we’re embracing the sun, the longer days, and the warmer weather, it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself the important question: is your property ready, too?

3 Steps to Get Your Property at Its Best

New season, new property maintenance goals. With a few simple action steps, you can get your exterior up to speed and ready to project its best.

  • Schedule a house washing service
  • After a long winter of in-climate weather, your home exterior needs a refresh. Our soft washing service will strip away all the dirt, grit, mold, and other matter that has accumulated over the year. What remains: a spotless and beautiful home exterior.
  • Get an exterior cleaning company you trust
  • Over the year, a few issues have likely arisen for your property. Although it’s tempting to ignore them, resist! The sooner they’re fixed, the less hassle and cost you’ll have to deal with in the long run.
  • Highlight your favorite thing about your property
  • Love your landscaping? Invest your effort in that. Think your fencing sets the stage for the rest of your property? Get in professionally cleaned. By focusing on a few focal points for your exterior, the rest of your property will shine. 

Professional House Washing (and more!)

Our goal is to simplify. With one phone number, one company, and one group of expert technicians, you know you’re getting the best for your house. We believe that property maintenance and exterior doesn’t have to be complicated it should be downright easy. With Tsunami Wash by your side, spring cleaning has never been simpler!