Are you welcoming guests to your home for the holidays? Now is the perfect time to prepare your home with the help of Tsunami Wash. Keep reading for details on the services you should consider this festive season.


House Washing


Are you planning to decorate your home with Christmas lights this year? If so, now is the best time to arrange a professional house washing. You won’t be able to wash your house easily once the decorations are up, so it pays to be prepared. A grubby house isn’t the best canvas for your decorations, and getting it sparkling clean means that passersby will be able to enjoy your display without any distractions. A clean house will also make a good impression on visitors you haven’t seen for a while.


Deck Washing


Have you noticed moss, weeds, or general grime building up on your deck? As well as looking unsightly, this creates a major slip hazard during wet weather. If you have kids or elderly relatives coming to visit, getting your desk pressure washed is essential. Don’t let slips and trips get in the way of holiday celebrations. Having your deck clean and ready to use is also useful if your hosting large celebrations or want to socialize outdoors for safety reasons.


Window Cleaning


There’s nothing like watching falling snow and other festive sights out of the window – but it’s hard to enjoy these simple pleasures if the glass is too dirty to see out of. Get your windows professionally cleaned now and you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors all season long, even when it’s too cold to go outside. Clean windows are also an excellent base for festive decals and other decorative items.


Take care of the essential cleaning jobs above to make your holiday decorations look even more magical, impress your visitors, and prevent accidents.


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